Wadlopen, literally mud-walking, is this thing where the combination of tides and landscape off the northern coast of the Netherlands (also Germany and Denmark) are such that it’s possible to walk over the muddy ocean floor to the string of islands about 10 km off the coast. It’s not a straight shot, though. There are […]

I spent an afternoon in Zurich but didn’t get around to posting any pictures, so here they are. This is my new favorite duck. The TGV that took me from Zurich to Paris in about 4 hours.

Here’s a view of the Schönbrunn Palace. I didn’t go inside because it was swarmed with tourists on a Sunday and there was a 3 hour wait, but I was satisfied to roam the massive gardens. And by roam I mean skate, because it was icy out there. What can I say, I’ve been trained to […]

I vaguely remember being in Prague when I was 13, enough to realize that things here have changed a bit since then. For example, I don’t remember seeing so many Asian noodle places back then. It’s slightly overrun by tourists and souvenir shops blasting Euro-beats, but it’s still a pretty fantastic city. I stayed in an […]

I spent a couple of nights visiting a fellow Santa Barbara-to-Europe export in Hamburg. Not too many pictures from this weekend, but this should give some idea on what the conditions were like. It was very cold, but I think the Germans are used to it because they apparently make their tools (and smartphones) out […]

My first stop after Groningen was Bremen. I just spent a few hours here before catching the next train to Hamburg. In Bremen I was introduced to my first German Christmas Market, a place where hordes of Germans and tourists gather to shop, eat, drink hot wine, shop some more, drink, and eat. Here’s the […]

I spent the last week in Groningen, trying to find a place to live for next year and taking care of various administrative things that I need to do before I’m allowed to legally live and work here. Finding a place turned into a pretty good story, so I’ll write about that in a separate […]