Monthly Archives: October 2012

Jobs Update and Minnesota Halftime

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’m in Duluth, MN, taking about a two-week halftime break in the middle of my road trip, which has been nice and refreshing, except for the weather, but I guess I should start getting used to what actual weather is like again. The news on the job […]

The Rest of Montana and North Dakota

The cookie I got at the Perkins Family Restaurant Basement Hotel looked like this. As far as abominations go, this one was reasonably delicious. However, the falls of Great Falls, Montana, were not looking so great. There seems to be some kind of major drought going on in this part of the country. Granted this […]

Glacier National Park

I spent most of the next day at Glacier National Park. It’s an amazing place with some spectacular views, but they were clearly in their off-season already and a few road closures in some key places caused me to spend most of the day driving. Here are some highlights from when I got to get […]

Big Sky Bike Ride – Kalispell, MT

One advantage of having a bike everywhere you go is that when you see something like this, you can hop on the bike and check it out. It was windy, but otherwise a pretty nice day for a ride. Most of the trail looked like this. The next two pictures were taken from the same […]

A Real-Life Campfire Story

After a quick stop in Spokane, I drove into the skinny part of Idaho to stop for the night. As dusk was approaching, I scoped out a campground in a state park, saw that there was basically nobody there expect for a few deer, and┬ádecided I would grab some dinner in the local fishing town […]

North Cascades to Spokane

I wanted to try a hike in the North Cascades, so I found a trail called Sourdough Mountain. That sounded straightforward enough to me, and the experienced mountaineer that I am, I generally decide which hikes to do based solely on the names of the trails. It was listed as a 5 mile hike and […]


I had some time to kill on the drive from Portland because I wasn’t meeting up with friends until later that night, so I decided to take the long way around and catch a ferry into the city. I parked next to a blurry guy. I would also like to point out that my bike […]