Monthly Archives: December 2012


Here’s a view of the Schönbrunn Palace. I didn’t go inside because it was swarmed with tourists on a Sunday and there was a 3 hour wait, but I was satisfied to roam the massive gardens. And by roam I mean skate, because it was icy out there. What can I say, I’ve been trained to […]


I vaguely remember being in Prague when I was 13, enough to realize that things here have changed a bit since then. For example, I don’t remember seeing so many Asian noodle places back then. It’s slightly overrun by tourists and souvenir shops blasting Euro-beats, but it’s still a pretty fantastic city. I stayed in an […]

Hamburg and Berlin

I spent a couple of nights visiting a fellow Santa Barbara-to-Europe export in Hamburg. Not too many pictures from this weekend, but this should give some idea on what the conditions were like. It was very cold, but I think the Germans are used to it because they apparently make their tools (and smartphones) out […]


My first stop after Groningen was Bremen. I just spent a few hours here before catching the next train to Hamburg. In Bremen I was introduced to my first German Christmas Market, a place where hordes of Germans and tourists gather to shop, eat, drink hot wine, shop some more, drink, and eat. Here’s the […]

A week in Groningen

I spent the last week in Groningen, trying to find a place to live for next year and taking care of various administrative things that I need to do before I’m allowed to legally live and work here. Finding a place turned into a pretty good story, so I’ll write about that in a separate […]