A week in Groningen

I spent the last week in Groningen, trying to find a place to live for next year and taking care of various administrative things that I need to do before I’m allowed to legally live and work here. Finding a place turned into a pretty good story, so I’ll write about that in a separate post, but in the meantime here are some pictures of the city.

This is the Vismarkt (fish market), which looks empty here but was packed when I got into town. Don’t be fooled by the nice-looking weather. It either rained or snowed for most of my stay here, but when that was happening, I was less inclined to take pictures.


One of the canals on a snowy day.


This is the old university building in the city center.


The science and engineering campus is about a 10-minute ride north of the city and features much weirder buildings.




This more boring building is where I will work next year.


There’s something amazing about riding home at dusk after a long productive day in a heavy wet snow. And the best part is that everyone else is doing the same thing. Most people are completely used to it and don’t even wear hats. I felt like I needed full-on ski gear out there, but it was fun anyway. I averaged about 2.5 pairs of wet pants per day I was here, and the Dutch don’t seem to know about dryers yet so you just have to air dry your pants wherever you can find a spot, and wait for one to dry before you can go out and get them wet again.


We woke up the next morning to a light covering of snow. I fell a couple times in the ice and slush the previous night, so I was a bit more careful the next day, but once I got a feel for how the bike slides around in the snow, it wasn’t bad at all.




  1. Beautiful pictures. I know what you mean about taking pictures in the rain and cold. There’s more snow there than we have here. I hope that changes before you get home.

  2. I forgot to ask. Is snow normal for Groningen at this time of year?

    1. I asked somebody this question when stopped at a traffic light and they said yes. Apparently there’s supposed to be a lot more snow tomorrow, but I will probably miss it because I’m leaving early.

  3. Must admit I like the older buildings better……and looking at pictures of snow rather being in that weather.

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