My first stop after Groningen was Bremen. I just spent a few hours here before catching the next train to Hamburg. In Bremen I was introduced to my first German Christmas Market, a place where hordes of Germans and tourists gather to shop, eat, drink hot wine, shop some more, drink, and eat. Here’s the market in Bremen.


I was mesmerized for a little while by this huge rack of rotating meat.


There are also some interesting side streets in Bremen.


This was taken inside the building above, or the one right next to it. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what this is.


My only goal in Bremen was to see a statue of at least one animal on top of another animal – I didn’t care which animals or in what order. Mission accomplished.




  1. Ah yes the Musicians of Bremen. I want to get to one of those Christmas markets some day.
    I have a guess about the mystery picture. Is it an elevator shaft? If so, I’m not quite sure how you got the photo.

    1. Yeah, the Christmas markets are pretty great. Prague had them too, and I bought a giant slab of some kind of rotating ham roast.

      Very close on the guess, but not quite!

  2. Is it the atrium of a hotel?

    1. Also close. It’s looking up the center of a spiral staircase in a hotel.

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