Hamburg and Berlin

I spent a couple of nights visiting a fellow Santa Barbara-to-Europe export in Hamburg. Not too many pictures from this weekend, but this should give some idea on what the conditions were like.


It was very cold, but I think the Germans are used to it because they apparently make their tools (and smartphones) out of chocolate. 


I like big European train stations, and Hamburg had a huge one.


Berlin was just as snowy as Hamburg, but not quite as cold, so that just meant slushy streets and sidewalks, which is not the ideal situation for the breathable running shoes that I choose to wear on this trip for some reason. Here are a few pictures I took while sloshing around the streets of Berlin. For the record, I had a great time in Berlin and would love to come back here again, with proper foot-attire of course.








  1. Okay, a couple questions. I guess those tools are chocolate, because you said so, and it looks like they’re for sale, because they have prices on them, but who buys chocolate monkey wrenches and tin snips, not to mention faucets.
    And why does that creature with wings, a tail and a beard have 5 legs?

    I see you made it to the Brandenburg gate. That’s a cool picture.

  2. I didn’t see anyone buy a chocolate tool, so I’m not sure who would buy them, but I would love to see somebody pay 20 euros for the faucet or tinsnips and just take a big bite out of it right there.

    And I believe the 5th leg was for extra stability on those bumpy landings. Either that or beard maintenance.

  3. That next to last picture looks like it is of the British Museum. Who knew there were so many of those statues to go around.

  4. Mmmm…the land of chocolate…

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