I booked a round-trip flight from Boston to Paris just before I started the road trip, not knowing whether I would have a job or not by this time. If I did not have one, part of the point of this trip was to look for one. But since I do have a job lined […]

I’m way behind on these posts, but here’s a quick summary of the last couple weeks. After Philadelphia, I made a quick stop in New York before heading up to Boston. Keeping with the theme of throwing myself into current events when given the opportunity (Ohio election), I opted to try to help out with […]

I drove from Oberlin to my Aunt Heidi and Uncle Larry’s place in Elkton, MD where I was greeted with a delicious dinner and a surprise (to me) home-coming visit by my cousin Wendy and her husband Brett. Granted they don’t live that far away, but it was still nice to see them. The next […]

It was a relatively short drive from Detroit to my next destination, Oberlin, Ohio, where I have an aunt and uncle who were generous enough to host me on, of all days, election day 2012. For anyone who is not familiar with how US presidential elections work, every four years we ask voters in the […]

After a relaxing two weeks in Duluth, I hit the road again for Chicago where I met up with my good friend Neda and her sister. This is the view of downtown from the roof of Neda’s building. I also did some exploring on my own. Not being the type to pass up a chance […]

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’m in Duluth, MN, taking about a two-week halftime break in the middle of my road trip, which has been nice and refreshing, except for the weather, but I guess I should start getting used to what actual weather is like again. The news on the job […]

The cookie I got at the Perkins Family Restaurant Basement Hotel looked like this. As far as abominations go, this one was reasonably delicious. However, the falls of Great Falls, Montana, were not looking so great. There seems to be some kind of major drought going on in this part of the country. Granted this […]